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domingo, 10 de noviembre de 2013


“License to Kill”, from the 007 saga, ran with the starring presence of Timothy Dalton as James Bond. The plot is based in the drug traffic during the 80s, in a fictician island called Isthmus, which is nothing but a pseudonymous for Panama. The main antagonist of the movie is Sánchez, a drug dealer who has the island under control. The movie is terribly full of extreme emotions, starting with a startling opening, which is the capture of Sánchez by the best friend of James, the DEA agent Felix Leiter, just when they are coming to the friend’s marriage. In other words, there is Bond and Leiter in the car, and meanwhile the trip to the church-where his bride is waiting- they are interrupted for a last breaking mission where the stance of Sanchez is flaw because the DEA know where he is. Felix and James go for him, trap him in a little plain, and get to the church in an amazing stage, falling down in parachutes. Lately after the wedding is consummated, and Felix is carrying his fiancée to the bed, they are interrupted bloody badly, and molest and kill Della, the bride. Felix appears in a closed space and Sanchez-who escaped by paying a big bill to a DEA irksome agent- and Dario, a subordinate of the drug dealer. He asks what they have done with Della, to what Dario responds: “we gave her a nice honeymooooon”. Then the bastards hazard his life putting him on a pole with meat at the other side above a pool with a hideous shark. When the shark has eaten enough meat, the height goes on the Felix’s side, for which his leg is kidnapped and eaten. Well, this is just the start of really good hung movie, which catches you on from the very start. Its characters are-furthermore than Sanchez, Felix, Della, Dario and Bond-: (1) Pam, a sexy CIA agent who does the roll of lady bond, and who helps him all along the movie, (2) Q, an agent from the M16 and a crucial help during all the argument, (3) and Lupe, the Sanchez’s girl, who have extensive affairs with other men. The set was primarily filmed on Mexico, with the Ernst Hemingway house in a scene (where the boss of 007 revokes his license to kill), it longs 2 hours and a quarter of sheer adrenaline. His director was John Glen, who filmed lots of James Bond’s movies, for instance, Moonraker, On her Majesty´s secret service, A View to a Kill, The living Daylights, and Octopussy, and so on. Curiously, he and Timothy had an argument at the end of License to Kill running, for what they have never met again yet. Timothy Dalton, last but clearly not least, is a recognized theater actor, who starred two James Bond’s films, this, and “The living daylights”. He is famous by being the most sadist and violent Bond in the history, and also by his monogamy tendencies, which are startling compared to Roger Moore’s or Sean Connery’s affairs. Dalton is also an icon because of his Shakespeare’s plays in Britain, and by appearing in the first film (License) which had not have been based in an Ian Fleming’s book. LICENCE TO KILL, BY LUIS FERNANDO CAMPOS VARGAS

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