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domingo, 29 de septiembre de 2013

Why should I pursuit the freedom?, by Luis Fernando Campos Vargas

The freedom is the capacity of acting according your moral law. If you are free, you can act in order to satisfy what your soul is demanding. If you were always free, probably you would act as you have been educated, and what you have learned in your life, either consciously or unconsciously. You might be asking yourself, is this freedom? Some philosophers say certainly no. I will give their part of the reason. Think this: if you grow a tree in a bad land, without enough water; and, simultaneously you grow a tree in very good conditions, and you take care of it every day. Logically, the tree with the best fruits will be the second one. Were the trees free to decide which kind of fruits they wanted to produce? Were they able to change their destinies? Obviously not. Maybe you could say, there´s a destiny for all of us, and we must adapt to it and don´t trying to change your future. I say: “¡What a stupid idea!” .So, are you going to spend all your time in seeing back and analyzing other´s destiny, without trying to leave your mark in the Earth? I´m not proposing that you should live in a desperately way in order to Do something in the life. I will start postulating that the objective in life is being happy. I do it for having a logical idea success of the things, and because I think nobody wants to be unhappy, even if they find pleasure in the misery. In this order of ideas, there are three ancient philosophic schools that show us three different ways to find the felicity: the stoicism, the epicureism, and the cinism. The first teach us that the felicity is in the constant fight, and try to find happiness even in the pain; the second one explains that we should search for all kind of pleasures as possible in order to be happy, and the third, shows that we can find happiness when we leave prejudices and lots of unimportant things in life. I will do kind of synthesis: We must not worry for such a lot of questions in life that are so empty of meaning, trying always to reach pleasure and affronting when the problems happen with valiant. I will propose, too, that there are some ways to be happy in a more specifically and personal way: trying to know the most you can of what you see, trying to influence the medium and change the universal soul curse, seeing and appreciating the beauty in your medium, and sorts of ideas that could get full you in a directly and no very short or limited way. You can see that all of the examples I mentioned have something in common: the medium. That´s – in my opinion -because you are what your medium is, and your medium is what you are. That is exactly the reason of why you shouldn´t see your life going off, instead of doing something for yourself and the universal soul. Now you see you have a very limited freedom, and that freedom is determinated by the environment, however, you too see that you can change your environment; so, if you are free, you could change your destiny. Why should you believe in destiny? Isn´t that just a human tendency for seeing the cause-effect law in every part, even in the future time, when the things are so uncertainly? Why should you believe that all is done by a reason? Isn´t that an impulse of your unconscious trying to find a poor explanation of what is your purpose meanwhile you live? C´mon. Think that you are tied in chains, and you got enough food to live. Think you can escape using a little of that delicious food; think that. Would you try to escape, and then, do something you consider important for your life? Certainly I would try to escape. Because I think we should pursuit the freedom, in order to create new and free ideas for the universe. I´m trying to explain you [in an average and very refutable way –of what I´m apologizing] what I think we should do forever in life: search your freedom. I hope my words could make up some minds, even my mind, which is full of questions and ignorance. I beg you apologize me for being so short and shallow, but I wanted you to ask yourself some questions, formulate your opinion, and, the least but the most important aspect: taking the nuisance of thinking, of think about something more deep than your works, your situations, even yourself, and think in a more unique and special way. I hope you have liked it, and I hope –too- you think you haven´t lost your time reading this. Our freedom is so limited for the situations and the environment, that your very existence should be an act of rebellion. Think! It´s free. Luis Fernando Campos Vargas (Colombia, 1998)

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