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sábado, 30 de marzo de 2013

Finally the conformist historians are catching up with the real facts about their former darling, Albert Speer.

DAVID IRVING: "...I first reported in my Goebbels biography (London, 1996) that Speer was the initiator of the program to expel Jews from their Berlin housing, so that he could take over their 5,000 luxury apartments for himself and his Nazi cronies. His original, and undoctored, office diary revealed that he had set up a special department in his office as Generalbauinspector for Berlin to handle this step in 1941 - long before the Wannsee conference... Speer donated a sanitized version of his diaries to the German federal archives...As I wrote in a letter published in The Times ten years ago, however, in my view Albert Speer could count himself lucky not to have been hanged at Nuremberg. He certainly deserved the rope more than others like General Alfred Jodl -- but my book "Nuremberg, the Last Battle" reveals the horse-trading that went on behind the scenes over names and sentences: Speer had made himself the darling of the Americans at Nuremberg by his submissiveness, and he was spared, though not as much as he had hoped."

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