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viernes, 5 de agosto de 2011

Love and Faith, by David Alberto Campos

"You must be the change you want to see in the world"
- Gandhi

With mighty faith I walk
towards you.
I feel the closeness of a better end.

They truly say
I am a man who lives in dreams,
yet one who dreams with open eyes.

I come in yearning
for your presence, for your caress,
for the welcoming harmony of your body.
As one who learns by hearing,
I want to hear from you.
As one returning home,
I want to come with you.

They truly say I am in love.
I am in good love. Fearless, inspired by greatness,
daring, trusting Fate.

With mighty confidence,
with all fear gone, you sorceress,
I walk towards you.
The flames and drums of creation salute our meeting.

Love feeds our efforts, makes no effort too big;
no task too hard, no goal too far:
the prettier world at stake is now at hand.

If you and I believe,
so shall they.

Walking towards you,
I see Beauty spiral and blend into Justice,
I see Progress abandon the emptiness of words
and don a spirit.

I see another open chance for Peace;
not agreed, not bargained, not gained:
but grown, and approached, and felt,
close as is life, human as is time.
Existing, thinking, believing:
respect for them is worth
much more than owning them.

With genuine love
I walk towards you,
with the genuine care of a mother bird
singing a song of dignity,
walking across the bridge you draw.

David Alberto Campos Vargas (Colombia, 1982)

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